Fung Tsz Kei Michelle

The Missing Flag Bags

One Saturday morning, there was a flag-selling event that was held by Creative Primary School. Anne and Kenny volunteered to help. They met a lot of nice people who are kind to donate money for charity.

When the flag bags were nearly full, they decided to help themselves with some food at a fast food shop as a reward. They were really exhausted. But when they finished the food, the flag bags beside them were gone! They searched the whole fast food shop but the missing flag bags were nowhere to be found…. “what are we going to do?!” said Anne. She began to sob. “You’re asking me? I don’t know, I just know we’ll be doomed if we cannot find our flag bags!” “Let’s tell the teacher… we don’t have a choice.” “l guess…” So, the two went back to school and confessed to the teacher in charge. As they expected, the teacher was furious. “We are so sorry!” apologized Anne and Kenny. Although the teacher was mad, she decided to forgive them and help them search for the missing flag bags. They even asked the police for help.

A few weeks later, the police returned the missing flag bags. It turned out that a thief was in the fast food shop and secretly took the flag bags when Anne and Kenny were not noticing. The thief was already arrested and the flag bags were safe. Anne and Kenny would definitely keep a close eye on their things from now on!

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