Weng Timoi

Strange Adventure

I’ve always dreamt to became a fish for a day because I’m not good at swimming. One night, my brain worked strangely. I felt like that my mind was controlled by someone else.

Woah! Sparkles went out of my head and all I could see were a lot of colourful things in water! I was scared. I was excited. I was amazed too! I tried to reach out my hands to see if I was alive, but my hands weren’t there! “Oh! Am I a fish? Am I a fish? If I am now breathing, then I must be a fish!” Suddenly, a huge mouth with white sharp teeth began to reach toward me. I quickly knew it was a shark, though this one looked familiar. It spoke, “ Hi Timoi! Enjoying your live in the ocean, right?” “Yes. And…… who are you?” “Oh yeah, haven’t told you yet. I’m your sister, Jimi! Got to bring you back to the normal world. see you.”

The shark chomped me into bits and then swallowed me. I closed my eyes and prayed that I wouldn’t die. Luckily, I found myself playing with my sister Jimi, my real sister.

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