Lee Chun Hei Jeffrey

Sick Puppy

My lovely puppy, Lucky, was sick! I was very worried about her yesterday. She was sick in the morning and she did not want to eat any breakfast or dinner. Lucky did not even want to go for a walk and just lay in her basket to sleep. Mum decided to take her to the vet.

This morning, we took our puppy to the vet with my mum and sister, Mary, by taxi. My puppy felt very uncomfortable on the way to the vet. After we arrived the vet, he carried out a full checkup of my puppy. He said my puppy had stomachache. It ate moldy bread or other dirty food. The vet gave some medicine and advised us to feed our puppy two times a day.

After one day, my puppy recovered. It ran around the house and played with us happily again.

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