Liu Chin Wing Charmaine

The Witch's Evil Plan

Once upon a time, there were a princess, a king and a queen. They lived in a castle. One day the king told the queen that there was a witch’s house near the castle. He also told the princess not to go out the castle or she would be caught by the witch. But after the king told everyone about the witch, the witch was so angry. She wanted to rule the world, so she has an evil plan. She decided to lock the king, the queen and the princess in the dungeons. Then, the witch flew to the castle and saw the king and the queen. The witch asked, “Where was the princess?!” The queen said, “I won’t tell you!” The witch said, “I will find her by myself.” After that, she locked the king and queen in the dungeons. Suddenly the princess came out and the witch caught her and locked her in the dungeons. The witch said happily, “I can rule the world!” and she sat on the king’s seat and started thinking about the next evil plan. But she forgot about the fairy who could save the king, queen and the princess, and also could kill the witch. It was too late! When the witch finally remembered about the fairy, the fairy already came. She used her magic power to kill the witch and unlocked the dungeons to save the king, the queen and the princess! The princess was so happy and gave a necklace to the fairy. Since then, they lived happily.

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