Chu Tsz Ching

Self- Introduction

My name is Bernice. I am eleven years old and I am currently studying at Creative Primary School in Kowloon Tong.

There are 3 members in my family including my mom, my dad and I. There are also a cat and a dog!
I have participated in lots of dance competitions before. It is wonderful to perform on stage. I have got a few gold medals from the dance competitions. And I have got the bible and the computer award. I have also got the sports act certificate and have been the student of the month.

I’m a helpful and caring girl. I also make a lot of friends and I will always be there when my friends need help. I am also a risk-taker. I enjoy trying and learning new things.I love drawing and dancing. Dancing is just like medicine, which could heal me and express myself with my movement. This medicine could make me feel better when I’m sad or angry. I usually feel better after taking this medicine. Drawing is another medicine too! When I am drawing, I could express my imagination freely. Once. I drew a cat which is of the same breed as my cat. This drawing is my favourite and I feel very proud of all my drawings.

Other than these amazing activities, I also love travelling. Travelling is like a dictionary. I can learn from different countries just like when I flip to different pages in a dictionary. I especially like learning about the people and cultures.

I also do some services in my free time with my family. I have participated in volunteer work and fundraising activities. It is really happy to help people in need.

When I grow up, I want to be an artist because I want my beautiful paintings to be appeared in an art gallery and I want to see if my drawings can reach anyone’s soul.

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