Lam Lok Yat

A Day in 3021

In 3021, everyone had a spaceship and they could go to any planet they wanted. It was my birthday, and my family decided to bring me to the Mars to celebrate my birthday. Two hours later, we finally landed on Mars with our spaceship.

First, we visited the Mars city. There were a lot of tall buildings and advanced technologies, for example, you could borrow a watch from the Mars travel centre. You might think a watch is very simple, right? But actually, it was a very special watch. It could transform the wearer to any Martian you like. Once you became a Martian, you could work or live there. How amazing was that!

After lunch, we decided to go to the Marsneyland, where you could see a lot of Marsneyland characters, such as Marsney Mouse, Marsnald Duck, Marsfy Dog, Iron-Marsman and Spider-Marsman. We had fun and took a lot of photos with many Marsneyland characters there.

At the end, we enjoyed staying at Mars and I hoped we will go back again.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Lee’s Comments:

An interesting plot with some creative details. Chloe! If you could expand and give more details in the ending, your writing would be more balanced and complete!