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The Robot Cat

It was a nice Saturday, Susan was wandering around her local toy store. She was looking for the latest version of the robot cat. As she turned around, she jumped with excitement as she saw and bought the robotic animal without a second thought.

The next day, Susan decided to have some fun with her new friend. They had so much fun. From the morning, they started playing until night time. Susan was getting ready for school tomorrow, so she packed up everything and went to bed. It was the next morning, Susan packed up everything and got ready for what school had to offer. During Science class, Susan felt a slight nudge in her seat. As she looked down, saw her robot cat between legs! “What are you doing? Why are you here?” She said in a worried tone hut whispering voice. But all it answered with was a meow. It started running around while destroying everything. Everything was out of control, so Susan was sent to the principal’s office. They punished Susan by seizing and breaking down her robot cat. She listened as she heard the bashing of metal. She could not help but ran into the room. It was too late. All she saw were broken scraps of metal and plastic. She never saw the robot ever again.

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