Lo Hang Yee Hailey

The Little Girl

It was a little girl smiling weirdly at me. I screamed for help but no one seem to have heard me. My heart was racing as I ran out of my room and looked for my parents in their bedroom. The light was out and I saw no one there but a note on their bed. It was written in red and it looked like fresh food, saying “Look behind you.” I slowly turned around and I noticed that there were many footprints on the floor, however, that wasn’t the weirdest thing. I could faintly hear someone yell, “Help! Please! Ahhh!” The wail echoing in the air seemed to have come from downstairs. At that moment, my legs were shaking and my mind was completely blank.

I took a deep breath and ran downstairs following the screaming and banging. They led me to the basement door. The screaming sounded like my parents, so I quickly opened the basement door. I was glad that I found my parents behind it.

“Why are you guys in the basement?” I asked in tears.

“We heard you scream and we tried to come to you but the door wouldn’t open.

So we banged and screamed for help to get your attention,” they explained while they were hugging me.

“I saw a little girl smiling at me and foot everywhere,” I sobbed.

My parents took me back to our bedrooms upstairs as we talked. I showed them the footprints. Mom figured it out and said, “Those footprints are yours! Look at your dirty feet!”
I looked down and I was relieved to see that my feet were covered in mud.

“Then you must have saw the surprise we have prepared for you?” said dad smiling.

“What surprise?” I asked quizzically.

“Didn’t you see the smiling robot girl in the box in our bedroom? We thought you would be surprised to find the robot girl after you saw the note on our bed and turned around,” Dad explained.

“Yes, I saw the note but I only saw my footprints when I turned around,” I insisted.

“Go to the room and see it for yourself, the doll is placed inside the room,” said Dad.

I immediately went to my parent’s bedroom and indeed. I saw a box. I opened it and there was a robot doll with a smiling face. I was jumping for joy!

Suddenly something came to my mind. The happiness I was enjoying seemed to have disappeared, I froze in fear with a question hanging over my head-who is that little girl in my wardrobe then?
Tell me! Do you check your wardrobe before you go to sleep?

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