Chan Lok Tung

Susan and the Robot Cat

Last week, Susan went to the toy shop near her home. She walked into the store and bought a white robot cat. She wanted this robot cat long time ago. She loved the robot cat very much.

The robot cat was clever. It would say “Hello”, “Good morning” and “ Good night” to Susan. Susan was happy because she thought it was very clever and smart. In the morning, the robot cat said, “Hello Susan! It is time for you to eat breakfast. Also, it’s time for you to pack your schoolbag,” Moreover, it said, “May I go to school with your?” “No problem,” said Susan. So, Susan put the robot cat into her schoolbag and carried it back to school.

When Susan was having English lesson, the robot cat came out from Susan’s schoolbag and made a purr. The teacher saw the robot cat and asked Susan, “What is that?!” Susan replied slowly, “Um… It… It is… my robot cat.” “You know, Susan, you are not allowed to bring your toy back to school,” said the teacher. The teacher yelled again, “You break the rule and you should meet the discipline head!” Susan nodded and went to meet the discipline head. She would not bring her robot cat back to school again.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Lui’s Comments:

Good use of punctuation in dialogues! You can add details on how the robot cat made a mess in the class.