Pang Chin Yuet Prudence

Aim High, Strive and Thrive!

‘Aim Hight, Strive and Thrive’ is the school theme for this year. ‘Aim High’ means a person has a big dream. ‘Strive and Thrive’ means a person works very hard to achieve the goal.

Noby, the main character in Doraemon. He was a ‘Aim High, Strive and Thrive’ person. In the story, Noby and Doraemon are best friends. But something went wrong one day, Doraemon didn’t work.

Noby was so sad, he wanted to fix Doraemon, so he set a goal. He decided to become an inventor. Then, he studied very hard. Year after year, Noby became an inventor finally.He fixed Doraemon successfully! 😊

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

It’s great that you can find a connection between our school theme and a story you know! What goal would you set for yourself?