Constance Siu

A Day on Saturn

Last weekend, I had a special day because I went to Saturn. I received an email from aliens that invited every child in the world to go there.

On the way to Saturn, I saw Mars, Jupiter and many satellites. Then, I saw Saturn. Saturn is the second biggest planet in the Solar System. It has a ring. It is brown in colour.

When the spaceship arrived Saturn, many aliens came to welcome us. First, we had lunch together. We ate energy jelly that was made by the aliens. Then, we went to the ring and played slide there. Unfortunately, someone was stuck in the middle of the ring so we pulled him out together. After that, we visited some tourist spots, for example, playing basketball and card games with aliens. Finally, we went back to Earth.

I had so much fun in Saturn. I want to visit other planets if I have time in the future.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg