Ng Yau Kiu

Robot Cat

When the school was dismissed, Susan rushed out of school happily holding her test paper to her mom. “Mom, guess what! I got a 95% on my math test! “she said. Mom replied, “Brilliant, Susan! You can finally buy the robot thingy you want!” “It’s a robotic CAT Mom!” Susan said.

The very next morning, Susan took the paper money mom gave her and ran to the toy shop in her pyjamas! She quickly grabbed her dream toy ( the robotic cat ) and went to the front cashier to pay when she arrived. She was so joyful! When she heard the first voice of the robotic cat, she screeched. Susan was so proud of it. She decided to name it Macy.

Susan was ready for school. She told me to stay in her bedroom while she went to school, then she nodded her head. Susan needed to make a quick trip to the bathroom. Macy wanted to go to school with her, so she sneakily jumped into her school bag. When Susan was ready, she zipped up her bag, then headed out the door. When she arrived, she then walked to her classroom.

During English class, Macy suddenly popped out and made a lot of noises. Ms. Linda heard that and saw Macy. “Ms. Susan, I believe that this robot toy belongs to you! You know you can’t bring toys to school, right? Principal’s office NOW!” she shouted angrily. Susan was so ashamed of herself.

Susan was about to go to the principal’s office, but then in shock, she saw flames and smoke travelling towards her classroom. You could hear from the chemistry class next-door children screaming and shouting as if a lion entered.

Through the speakers in a loud voice was the principal “Attention! All Students and staff, we have had a minor accident in the chemistry lab. Would you please evacuate from the school right this moment!” Macy could sense that everyone was in danger. It was finally the time to shine! Macy was different from the other ordinary robotic cats; she blew out the fire. Everyone's eyes were as wide as saucers, then Susan ran over Macy “How did you learn to do that?” In the end, Macy was the hero of the day.

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