Yuen Kayla Hei-Yin

The Interests of my Classmates

Do you have an interest? Of course, you do, we all have interests. If you don’t have one yet, maybe my classmates’ interests will inspire you, let me tell you their interests……
Kimberly likes running marathons and she finds it tiring but a bit relaxing. This interest exercises her body and makes her strong and healthy. She enjoys running with her father and friends. Once, she competed in a race and won first place!

If you don’t like running, perhaps you could try something less tiring, like drawing. Birdy enjoys drawing because it’s very soothing. It cures her boredom and improves her drawing skills. She joined many competitions and won multiple awards.

If you find art too calming perhaps you could try something between drawing and running. How about gymnastics? Sophia started doing gymnastics four years ago, she found it very hard at the beginning. But she practised it every day, now she finds it relaxing. Gymnastics makes her more flexible and strengthen her muscles. She joined a competition three years ago and managed to take the sewer award.

If these interests don’t attract you, you could always seek others. You can always have more than one interest.

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