Pang Hui Nok Enoch

Sick Puppy

My lovely puppy, Lucky, was sick! I was very worried about her yesterday. She was sick in the morning and she did not want to eat any breakfast or dinner. Lucky did not even want to go for a walk and just laid in her basket to sleep. Mum decided to take her to the vet.

This morning, we took our puppy to the vet with my mum and sister, Mary, by taxi. When we arrived at the vet clinic and we took Lucky to see the vet. The vet asked, “What’s wrong with your puppy?” I replied, “she didn’t want to eat any breakfast or dinner.” Then, the vet started to do the checking. “Maybe your puppy ate something wrong, so she feels stomachache,” the vet said. After that, the vet gave us some medicine and reminded us to give Lucky enough rest.

At last, Lucky felt better. She started to eat meals and we were very happy.

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