Lam Ho Man Fergus

A Day on Neptune

Several years ago, I went to a planet called Neptune by a rectangular space car. The planet has a ball shape and dark blue colour. The reason of it being dark blue is because it is the furthest planet away from the Sun. This makes Neptune an extremely cold planet.

After I arrived Neptune, I met my old friends. His name is Tdshuk. Before he moved to Neptune, he was my best friend on Earth. We often played video games and hiked together. He moved to Neptune because of family problems.

My friend told me that due to low temperature, their outdoor jackets are made from Neptune animal skin and lined with heating pads. The Neptune citizens’ daily food is monster meat. Due to their very warm body temperature, the meat does not have to be warmed up before eating.

I would like to visit more planets because in this journey I realised each planet has its special way to survive.

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