Chan Pak Kiu

Stray Dog

Last Saturday, I went to the countryside with Mom and Dad. We went there because we would like to have a barbecue. We brought a lot of drinks and food there, such as sausages, meats, vegetables, soda and more.

When we arrived at the barbecue site, we used a lot of sticks to start up a fire. Then, we took out all of our food and started cooking them above the fire with the long forks. Mom was scared that the thief would steal her handbag, so she put it beside her. Suddenly, a big stray dog from nowhere and walked towards us. We were so frightened. The dog seized my mother’s handbag and ran away as fast as lightning. It took the handbag because it was very hungry and thought there was meat inside. It ran into the grass and started chewing the handbag. We felt so sad that the phone and the money was lost.
Everyone tried to catch that dog but failed. We had no choice but giving up.

We all went back to eat and we were so disappointed that we could not get that handbag back. When we were heading back home, the dog realized that it was not meat and gave the bag back to Mom. It was amazing! We thought the dog was hungry and gave it some sausages. It chowed down and wagged its tail. At last, we went home happily.

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