Yip Man Ho Skyle

Terry's Violin

Last Saturday after the violin class, the Terry went to a park because he wanted to take a rest after the class. Suddenly, a stray dog came out from the bushes. Terry took a ball out of his pocket and played with the dog. After playing with the dog, Terry rushed back home and left his violin on the bench! Once terry discovered that his violin was missing, he rushed back to the park and checked the bench to see if it was still around. When Terry came back to the park, the violin was gone. Terry was frightened because he needed the violin for the following week. Terry was sad because that was his last year’s birthday present from grandma. Then, a dog approached Terry with his violin on his back. Terry was very happy. Terry decided to adopt the dog and called it ‘Tom’. Terry and Tom went home happily.

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Teacher comment:

I like the voting of your writing. It is easy to read. Well done, keep working!