Cayden Szeto

My Weekend Trip

My family and I went to Sai Kung last Saturday. We joined an education programme at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.

We got on a no. 7 minibus at Sai Kung Town and got off at Hoi Ha Village. We walked along the path for about twenty minutes and arrived at the WWF Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre.

First, we had a workshop to learn about different kinds of corals in Hong Kong.

Next, we had a coral observation trip aboard a glass-bottom boat. Luckily, the weather was sunny. We could see many corals through the glass, for example, Brain Coral, Honeycomb Coral and Bore Coral which is the most popular species in Hong Kong. My favourite coral is Cactus Coral because it looks like a large beautiful flower.

We took many photos and had a happy day. I love the corals and the sea. I hope we can protect it and keep on reusing, recycling and reducing.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Fung’s Comments:

What a wonderful trip to the marine park! You are right, we should all work together to protect the ocean!