Hung Lok Lam Ellen

My Life on the Hundred Decks Bus

I woke up at seven o’clock in the morning. First, I went to the pet shop, it had a lot of animals. I went to the turtle session, but the turtle bit me! It was so painful but it was fun as well. At eleven o’clock, I went to my deck the… Cat deck!! Because I can play with those cute, lovable cats. Next, I went to Chloe’s Hamburger Maker Station to eat. At twelve-thirty in the afternoon, I ate the tomato, cheese, onion, beef, salmon burger. It was amazingly deeeelicous!! After that, I took a walk at the Teddy Bear Carnival, it was really cool, exciting, loud and cheerful. But when I was walking… I forgot something… the time! So I checked my watch, it was already one-fifteen in the afternoon. I decided to go somewhere else. I thought for a second… “Where should I go anyways?” DING, I had an idea! “Let’s go to Reina’s boat,” I thought Finally, I got there. Ah… just like I remembered it… … quiet, cool, relaxing, fun and interesting. I went in the door and saw Reina sitting in front of me, then she said “Hi, want to go for a ride?” “Yes, please!” I said. We sailed and sailed out to the sea.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg