Lam Ho Man Fergus

Journal of Tap Mun

Two weeks ago, I went to a place with my family called Tap Mun. It is a famous hiking destination that is far away from the city. We go there often to feel close to nature, relax and lift off our pressure from daily life. Now I will introduce to you what I saw there.

First of all, we walked around the pier, then went to the left. We saw the Tin Hau Temple. My father said, “It was built more than 400 years ago, and it blessed the fishermen.” I really couldn’t see any traces of it being 400 years old because it was so well built.”

After finishing sight-seeing, we continued going to the front. On the road, the grass on the left and right were like surrounding me, even the sun was covered by it. After I arrived at the field, I saw a panoramic ocean, cows eating grass and children playing tags.

Finally, we chose to return because the sky was going dark. On the way I saw some elderly in the room where they were talking to their grandchildren. I could see they were talking happily. I thought, “In this era, if everyone is willing to put down their phones and chat with their families, it will be happier than playing video games!”

After this journey, I hope to be able to go to more places to broaden my horizons and see how those who live outside the city face today’s daily life.

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