Tam Karina

Monkey Mountain Adventure

It was the first time I went hiking with my family last week. We went to Monkey Mountain that I have never been there before. I thought it would be just like going picnic in the park,so I brought some fruits and a water bottle inside my backpack.

When I arrived at the bottom of the mountain, I saw some monkeys jumping around and climbing the trees. It seemed that they welcomed us because they were very excited. I had never seen so many monkeys gathering before as well. They looked friendly. It was a sunny day with a gust of breeze blowing my face. I had to walk over the mountains for 1 hour. I got a map and followed my parents to start my journey.

I kept walking for an hour then took a rest under the tree. My clothes got wet because it was covered by my sweat. I was very hungry and tired but I had to finish my journey. I kept walking down the mountain and took many photos of beautiful mountain scenery. The view was wonderful and the air was fresh. I found a rock that look like a potato and I brought it home as my souvenir.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

This is the rock that looks like a potato.