Yiu Giova

The Person I Want to Thank Most

There are many people I want to thank, but the one I want to thank most is my dad.

The first reason I want to thank my dad the most is that he always treats me very well, even when he punishes me, he will always find the least painful way to punish me.

The second reason why I want to thank my dad the most is that he inspires me. He always says that playing sports is very good, so that is why I love to play lots of sports such as football and basketball. Moreover, he told me about his past when he was a kid. He was just like me and he talked about him playing sports and things that should not and should be done in a football or basketball match.

The last reason I want to thank my dad is that he always helps me, such as when I was ten years old, I like playing games so much that I would not stop getting my eyes off the computer, but dad convinced me to let the game go and focus more on family and school.

To thank him, I will be a good son and get better grades, especially Maths because I am not that good at it but he is very good at it.

These are all the reasons I want to thank him for the most and how I would thank him.

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