Lam Ching Hei

My Best Friend

I have a lot of friends, but the one that I am about to introduce is one of my four best friends. His name is Kingsley.

He is very friendly and he likes playing Minecraft and different board games. He is very chatty too. He is also very sporty because he plays basketball a lot.

As for his appearance, he is very strong and muscular. He has a big head and straight black hair. He has a pair of small black eyes and thin eyebrows. He also has a pointy nose and a huge mouth.

The reason I like him is that he is very helpful. Sometimes when I am carrying a lot of books, he might ask me, "Would you need some help?" or "Give some to me, I will help you carry them." There are also a lot of topics that we like to talk about. Kingsley is a friend who I do not want to lose.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg