Woo Sze Kiu

The Person I Want to Thank Most

Do you have a person whom you want to thank the most? Well, I have, and that is my mum.

This person has short hair and big eyes. She often loves to wear dresses and put on her flowery perfumes. She likes to wear the blue earrings that I gave her every day. She always loves to play jokes. Who is she? Yes, that is my elegant mum!

My mum is the most caring mum in the world! She always makes me some delicious breakfast when I wake up. After that, she will even help me to make my bed! When I am lonely, she would always be here with me no matter what. I am also thankful that my mum always reads me a storybook before I go to sleep. Even though she just goes home from work, she will always help me with everything.

I really want to thank my mum for helping me every day. I feel loved when my mum hugs me every night so I would hug her too to make her feel more loved! I will cook breakfast for her every day and put a lovely message to tell her how I miss her every day.

I really want to say “thank you” to my beautiful mum who always helps me with something I don’t know, also for how she always treat me.

In the future, I really hope that I could at least buy a house for my dad and my mum and I would be helping her to buy everything so that she can sit on a couch and relax forever.

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