Liu Sum Yau Esmee

Stray Dog

Last Saturday, my family and I went to the countryside to have a barbecue because it was my mother’s birthday.

Once we got there, we all took part in doing different things. Dad was in charge of looking after the bags while my mother and I were in charge of unpacking all the food. We brought all kinds of food including bread, beef, chicken wings, etc.

After unpacking all the food, we started our barbecue. We were cooking our sausages when suddenly, a stray dog appeared beside mom’s bench. Then, with one swipe, it snatched mom’s handbag. Mom felt bad because it was the birthday present that Dad gave her. I suggested that we chase it and try to snatch it back but Dad said we should follow the dog and see what happened next. We all agreed that dad’s plan was better, so we started to follow it.

As we were following the dog, it turned its head back and forth as if it was motioning us to follow it. The dog led us to a small cave where there was another dog who looked like it was about to have a baby. Wait, it was going to have a baby! We panicked. We didn’t know what to do. Then Mom suddenly remembered what she learned from a pet baby book. We all worked together and TA-DA! The puppy was born! Well, too bad it didn’t have a home. So I suggested adopting the dog family and they agreed! I was happier than a mouse who found a secret cheese factory. We named the male one Sheldon, the female one Shelia, and the puppy, which turned out to be a fire, Shelly. Oh, mom got her handbag back after we helped Shelia give birth to shelly.

We’ve kept the three dogs very well, and am still not used to this whole “adopting'' thing, but will get the hang of it soon. Oh! Time to feed Sheldon! Bye!

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Teacher comment:

Mice use of figurative language and vocabulary choice is good
Good job!