Li Yuk Chi

Terry's Violing

Last Saturday after the violin class, Terry finished all of his homework, so he went to a park. Terry saw a white dog with black spots which was playing with a ball. The dog was so cute, then Terry put the violin on a bench at once. He played with the dog in the park.
An hour later, Terry was very thirsty, so he wanted to find a convenience store to buy some drinks. He was in such a hurry to leave the park that he left his violin on the bench.
When he was halfway, he suddenly remembered his violin. He went back to the park immediately to take his violin, but the violin wasn’t on the bench, it had disappeared. “Where is my violin?” he shouted. He was very worried and surprised about his violin. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find the violin.

Terry was very sad, so he sat on the ground. He was afraid of being scolded by his mother because the violin was his birthday present from his grandmother. He liked the violin very much. He wanted to play the violin for his grandma. Now, the violin was lost, so he felt upset.

Suddenly, Terry heard a dog barking closer and closer. It was the same dog that played with him just now. The dog wagged its tail and run ahead. Terry followed the dog immediately. When he turned a corner, he found his violin was still on the bench. He suddenly realized that the two places were exactly the same and he went to the wrong place. He took the violin immediately. He thanked the dog and went home happily.

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Teacher comment:

You did a great job, Hannah!
The voice, ideas and sentence fluency are improving..