Chan Chun Lok

My Life on the Hundred Decks Bus

I wake up at eight o’clock in the morning. First, I always go to the hot dog stand to eat breakfast. I usually eat the cheese hot dog because I’m afraid of chilli. Next, I often go to the farm to feed the animals. There are animals like bees, pigs, cows, chickens and ducks. I never go to the orchard garden, so I’m wondering what it looks like. I sometimes go to the telescope to see planets. I always wanted fly to a planet. After that, I go to the funfair to play on the roller coaster and the ferris wheel. I like the roller coaster best. Then, in the afternoon, I go to the swimming pool to swim. I like to play with the water gun in the swimming pool to swim. After that, I go to the bouncy castle, I bounce very high. Finally, I go to the castle, windmill circus tent. I like the lion that pounces into the fire ring. I like my daily routine.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg