Lam Lok Yat

The Person I Want to Thank Most

In my life, there are a lot of people I want to thank, but I want to thank my aunt, Amber.

Aunt Amber is my dad’s sister. She has short hair, she is not tall but she is smart. There are 4 members in her family, her two children and his husband. Although she has already had her own family, she still loves me and she takes care of me like her own children!

Aunt Amber is very kind to me. When she knows I am sad, she will come to my home and make me happy! When it is my birthday, she will buy a lot of toys for me! If I am bored, she will ask my dad if she can bring me to somewhere that is fun. Since I was born, Aunt Amber has been taking care of me! I love her so much and she is always on my back.

Aunt Amber is the best! Better than my mom or my dad! I will take care of her when she is old, same as now, taking care of me. I will learn how to bake a cake for her and I will do anything she wants!

Aunt Amber is the best Aunt in the world! I really love her very much. This is the best person I want to thank.

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