Leung Ming Yi Lilith

Stray Dog

Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. My family were going to the countryside at 1 o’clock to have a barbecue. My mother brought a lot of food like cola, beef steaks, sausages, a bag of bread and tools for the barbecue. There were a lot of people but we could find a pit luckily. Ten minutes later, we started to eat some barbecue.

When we were eating happily, a stray dog came from the forest. The dog saw Mum’s handbag and took it. Later, Mum found out her handbag had disappeared! We looked around and saw the stray dog taking the handbag to the forest. We felt shocked and we did not know why the dog took away the handbag.

We thought the dog was very hungry. It might have thought there was food in the handbag. Bad said, “How about giving some food to the dog?”, so we found the dog and gave him a piece of bread. The dog looked at us and shook its head! We were surprised! Then, we gave it a beef steak. This time, it nodded. It gave back Mum's handbag and took the beef steak away. We laughed loudly and we thought the dog was very clever. Then, we went back to the barbecue again.

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Teacher comment:

The vocabulary choice TS is quite good!