Kwok Tsz Yu Sophia

48 Healthy at home

Hello! I am Sophia. Today I am going to show you how I stay healthy at home. Every day I drink at least three cups of water to keep healthy. I always do exercises too! My home has a trampoline, I love to do exercise there.

I am a Primary 3 student this year and my school work is getting more and more challenging. I have to be more focus and this makes me cannot do my favourite exercise as often as before.

I think my family members also need to do more exercise, especially my dad. He is fat because he eats lots of junk food. This year he wants to keep fit. I love his idea because I don’t want him to be a junkyard man!

Next year, I am gonna be more and more healthy. I am going to drink five cups of water every day instead of three.

Even I have so many things to do, I will take time to stay healthy!

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