Szeto Cayden

Fantastic Transport

One day when I woke up, I found a shiny crystal on my desk. I took it out and wanted to show my friends, Leo and Catherine. Suddenly, it turned into a big real sports car.

I got in the sports car. There was a function list on the car panel.
It listed out the functions:

- The car can drive up to 1000 km/hr full speed.
- It can transform into a huge robot.
- It has a fireproof mode and a waterproof mode.

I was so excited so I drove it to show Leo and Catherine immediately. They were shocked when they saw the super sports car. I invited them to have a journey with me.

I drove the car to a highway and passed a forest. Leo noticed the forest was on fire. I pressed the fireproof mode button and drove in the forest at full speed. We saved the injured animals and brought them to the vet.

Then the car transformed into a huge robot. I turned on the waterproof mode and absorbed water with both robots’ hands from the sea nearby. Leo, Catherine and I pressed the big red button together. The robot’s hand burst out water to the forest and put out the fire.

The robot transformed back to a sports car. I drove Leo and Catherine back home. We were so tired and still could not believe what happened today.

When I was home, the car changed back to flashing crystal. I put the valuable crystal in my treasure box.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

What a fantastic transformer sports car! I would love to have a ride on it, too!