Lau Shun Yi

The Interest of My Classmates

What interests do you have? What do you enjoy doing the most? I have interviewed some of my classmates about their interests. Do you want to try some of their interests?
Amanda enjoys expressing her feelings with drama and cooking. She thinks doing drama can improve her confidence and concentration. She loves putting herself into the character and feel the same feelings of the character. Amanda enjoys doing drama because it is very challenging, fun and relaxing. It also helps improve her acting abilities. Amanda even won an international Drama Competition! She thinks acting is the most interesting hobby.

Lisa loves doing challenging activities, especially rhythmic gymnastics. Lisa started doing rhythmic gymnastics when she was three. She thinks rhythmic gymnastics helps with her flexibility, balance and muscle building. She trains five hours a day for the competition. Lisa also loves rhythmic gymnastics because she can wear beautiful leotards too. She had once been in the Hong Kong Rhythmic Gymnastic Talent Team. However, because of her injury, she can not stay in the team. Lisa thinks doing gymnastics is more interesting than ballet.

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