Tse Kwan Yui Evan

Stray Dog

Last Saturday, my family and I went to a barbecue in Sai Kung to celebrate my eleventh birthday. Mon prepared a lot of food including sausages, chicken wings, pork chops, ribs, com, bread and soda. They all looked delicious.
After a while, Dad successfully started a fire in the barbecue pit. I yelled, “Finally! Now we can start the barbecue!” We were all very excited and I wanted to enjoy them as soon as possible!

Mom put her handbag next to her so that she could free both hands to hold her barbecue fork. Meanwhile, a stray dog appeared, staring at us. The smell of the food probably had attracted it. The stray dog looked hungry. All of a sudden, the dog grabbed the handbag with its teeth and ran away. It might have thought that there was food in the handbag! My family was caught in surprise. We chased after it but soon it was out of sight.

Mom was very upset because the handbag was her last year’s birthday gift. I was still thinking about this unexpected ending while we were heading back to our car after the barbecue. Mom suddenly said, “Hey, look at it!” Her handbag was left on the roadside. Probably the stray dog had given up after failing to open the handbag. We were all relieved and Mom was overjoyed. What an amazing day!

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Teacher's comment:

A very good story with enough details and exciting parts.
Good use of vocabulary and phrases.
Well done!