Tam Hoi Ching Andrea

My Candy Shop

My shop is located in Tokyo Japan, inside the theme park Disneyland. The name of my shop is called Andrea's Wonderful Sweets because my name is Andrea and also my candies are very rare and special you cannot find anywhere.

My shop sells candies like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate coins, but I also have rare sweets like chocolate buttons, chocolate truffles, liquorice wheel mini eggs peppermint cream, Jazzies, sugar mouse, Turkish delight nougat peanut brittle, sour keys, gobstoppers, strawberry bootlaces cherry lips bubblegum stick of rock, butterscotch, Jordan almonds, mint humbugs, pear drops, lollipop, honeycomb toffee, cola cubes, false teeth, a stick of sherbet, gumdrops, a candy necklace, sherbet, wine gums, strawberry bonbons, rainbow belt fried egg sweets and many more. My shop is special because I collect different candies from around the world.

I have many types of customers, not only children likes sweets but also teenagers and grownups. Even elderly and tourists visit my store. They are very happy after tasting the delicious candies and always want to come again soon.

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Teacher's comment:

I am sure your shop is very busy as many visitors would want to visit it!
Which candy is the best in your candy shop?