Amanda Lee

Unlucky Day

The phone rang. “Hello,” I said. No one was there. I hung up. All the lights went out.
Suddenly, the door opened slowly. Someone was walking through the door. I ran to the kitchen but the door was bolted. I couldn’t go in. That person was following me. So I ran to my room and locked the door. I took out my own knife and my phone. I called my mom. “Mom! The lights go out I can’t see anything! I think I saw a person that looked like a ghost! It was walking through a door!” Mom replied, “Don’t be scared, that “ghost” maybe is our friend…” I stopped my mom from talking. “Mom! That “ghost” is knocking on my door! Now, I really want to go to the toilet but I am really scared!” “Now, find the things that are sharp, a helmet, a thick clothes and thick pants. Wear all these items, get the sharp things and hold them in your hands. Ask that “Who are you and what you are going to do with me”, I said “OK”. I hung up the phone. I said “Hey! Who are you? What are you going to do with me? That “ghost" answered me “Hello!. I am your neighbour, Aunty Bella. I am going to tell you about today. There was no light and no electricity. Your mom told me to invite you to come to my house for dinner.”

“Aunty Bella, next time it happens again, you should shout to me and tell me because I am super scared about dark. Next time could you wear something that is neon coloured, so that I can see you.” After that, we went to Aunty Bella’s house for dinner.

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Teacher's comment:

I see…. What a relief after knowing it was your neighbour!!
Cleverly written.