Kong Dong Yee

Stray Dog

Last Saturday, my family and I went to the countryside for a barbecue. We arrived there early in the afternoon. Then Mom started to take our food out of her handbag and started to barbecue. Dad and I also grabbed a barbecue fork and started to barbecue too. I put some fish balls on my fork. A while later, my fish balls were cooked. I took a bite of my fish balls. It was delicious! Mom gave me her bread to eat. It was crunchy and filled with honey. She put down her handbag and relaxed.

After a while, a stray dog walked towards us. It was hungry. It thought there was food in Mom’s handbag, so it took the handbag and walked away. Mom shouted, “Stop! That’s my handbag!” The dog panicked and started to run in circles. My clever dad said, “Maybe it is just hungry. Therefore, we need to give it some food in exchange for the handbag.” Mom agreed. She took some meat from our barbecue food and ran to the dog. She gave the dog some meat and the stray dog pushed the handbag to her. I asked, “Can we keep the doggy? It has no house to live.” “Well…alright,” said Mom. I shouted, “Yay!”

Now, we have a doggy named Jewel.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg