Shek Ho Lam Adam

The Wardrobe

I suddenly woke up, something was in my room. The wardrobe doors opened and it slowly came out.

I was so scared so I hit myself as hard as hard as I could hit and hoped it was just a dream. But no, it hurt so that means it’s real.

I ran to the closet. It Is a doll. But it got even worse, the TV was playing a girl coming forward and I thought “I am going to be dead”.

Then my dad rushed in with a red stain on the shirts. I thought he was a zombie. The only thing I knew that could save me was a knife. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and Dad said "Wait, what are you doing?".

I finally realized it was just my dad with ketchup stains. The television was just glitching and there was just a normal doll.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher's comment:

Haha…. What a surprise? I am glad you looked at your dad properly!