Lau Shun Yi

An Unforgettable Day

On the fifteenth of July. I was awakened on my bed. My mother came into my bedroom and said, “Darling, you are awake! Do not get out of the room if I didn’t tell you.” So, I stayed in my room for about ten minutes and my mother came in again. This time, she called me to go to her room. When I went in, I saw a beautiful dress and my mum called me to put it on.

When I went out to the dining room, I saw some delicious breakfast. Without thinking, I sat on a chair and started to eat. I was thinking why mom and dad prepared so much for me? Then, I remembered, today was my birthday! It was just in the morning and I felt so happy. I knew something big would happen.

By the end of the day after going out to play and eating delicious food. I felt that day was the best day ever! But wait, what did I do in the afternoon?

I ate KFC! So because of this, it is the most unforgettable day.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg