Lian Yu Chi

My Biggest Goal

My biggest goal when I grow up is to create a theme park about the human body’s seven different systems. It is my biggest goal because I want people to have fun and learn at the same time.

My sister will help me succeed in reaching my goal because we help each other. I hope to create it when I am thirty years old.

The energetic side of the theme park area will include a roller coaster that explains the circulation system, how blood gets around the entire body, exciting shooting games that talks about the immune system and colourful virtual reality games that explain the nervous system and how senses are received from nerves to the brain.

The quiet side of the theme park includes slow and relaxing boat rides that are about the circulation system and shops that sell souvenirs.

I will have to study hard, never give up and work together with my sister in order to achieve my goal.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher's comment:

Wow! What an exciting plan about your body system theme park! I’d love to visit it someday if your dream has actually come true! You can do it, Limas!