Charmaine Liu

Pillow Cats

Pillow cats are my favourite dolls. I like pillow cats because they are so cute and lovely! Pillow cats are so cute and lovely! Pillow cats are the best dolls in the world! Let me tell you about the history of the pillow cats. First, when I was six years old, I have got my first pillow cat on my birthday. Then I got another pillow cat on my next birthday when I was seven years old. Finally, I have so many pillow cats that I do not have space to sleep!

This is the history about the pillow cats. Let me tell you another thing. The thing I want to tell you is that my pillow cats are fat cats, not thin ones! The cat’s body is so fat that it is like a ball! Pillow cats have two small ears and one short tail. It is pale yellow with brown spots. It is soft and lovely. The pillow cats are the word most supercalifragilistic explosive cats ever!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher's comment:

I can image how soft and comfortable they are!