Abigail Chau

Stray Dog

It was a lovely, bright autumn day and I was ready for some fresh air.

I was with my mommy preparing food for a delicious barbecue in the countryside at Tai Hang Tung Barbecue site. My mum and I bought sizzling sausages, barbecued pork, thick-cut steak, chicken wings and my favourite - fluffy rainbow-coloured marshmallows. What a marvelous feast!

My parents and I all sat around the barbecue. After Covid-19, it was so nice to go out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. It was stinking hot though. It was as hot as a furnace. So hot, I felt I was melting like ice cream on a hot day. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a stray dog. It came towards us and grabbed my mummy’s bag in its filthy jaws. It must have looked like a piece of steak.

My mummy shouted at it but it scurried off. My mummy then waved a piece of raw steak at it and said, “Come on doggy. Here’s your food!” It then darted back and let go of my mummy's bag.

It wasn’t really interested in my mummy’s handbag. It was just starving, poor thing!

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Teacher's Comment:

Hi, Abigail.
You did a marvellous story with lots of great ideas. The supporting details are clearly organized and I especially like your descriptions.