Wong Lok Kan

The Haunted House

I suddenly woke up, something was in my room. The wardrobe doors opened and it slowly came out. I was very nervous and scared. I put my pillow on my head. But I was too tired and fell asleep.

The next morning, I told my mom what had happened. My mom didn��t believe that the world has ghosts. But in the evening, the door opened again. I shouted ��Whaaaa!�� But suddenly there was a sound: ��Miao.�� Oh, it is a cat! I realised that the cat was the ��ghost�� that I said before. The cat seemed hungry and hurt. I gave it some food and let the kitty stay at our home.

The kitty was very cute. My family liked the cat very much. But at night, someone opened the door again! Who was it? Could it be another animal or the cat again?

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