Alison Wong

Stray Dog

Last Saturday, I went to the countryside with my parents. It was a holiday, so we decided to take some time to relax and have some fun! We decided to have a barbecue, so we brought seafood, sausages, chicken wings, soft drinks and marshmallows.

We all sat down around the fire and started grilling some food. My mom put her handbag right beside her because she didn��t want to lose it. We chatted and laughed while cooking the food we wanted to eat. We were having a great time until I noticed a brown stray dog coming towards us from a bush. It looked very hungry and it was very skinny. What a poor dog!

It slowly and cautiously walked up to us and snatched my mom��s bag! The bag must have smelled like our food, so the stray dog mistook it for food! It immediately ran back into the bush and tried to find food in my mom��s bag. Everyone was startled. We followed the dog and found out that the dog had kids! It was trying to feed its babies, so it had to find more food!

We had a lot of extra food, so we gave the rest to the family of stray dogs. We were really sorry that they didn��t have a home, but we couldn��t bring them back to our house because we didn��t have any room. We visited them every weekend to give them some food. The dog family lived happily together and we are glad that we were able to help them.

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Teacher's Comments:

Hi Alison
You have written a touching story with a happy and educational ending. The adjectives and adverbs you used clearly describe the stray dog and its family.
Well done!