Angela Zhu

A Show in Tsim Sha Tsui

Last night, I went to Tsim Sha Tsui with my parents together after we finished our dinner. I felt very excited! We walked along the Victoria Harbour for a long time.

After a wile, we saw a band! They were singing, playing the guitars and playing drums. I really liked their show, so I also sang with them and danced with them too!
Suddenly, three youngsters came and danced beside the band. I like their dancing but the music was too loud and too noisy!

A few moment later, the music was turned down. I felt more comfortable. The three youngsters invited me to dance with them. I was very surprised! I danced with them and I felt very proud.

Finally, the audience around us left. My parents and I went back home. We decided to have a walk in Tsim Sha Tsui this weekend again.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Ms Tang’s Comments :

The details are very rich with good vocabulary used! Good try!