Sarah Zhou

My Report on Koalas

Do you know that there is a kind of animal living in the jungle with a big nose? Koalas are actually very cute. Now, they are endangered.

Appearance :
Koalas have gray fur. They have small eyes and big noses. They have four fingers and big ears. They are small and cute. They also have clawed feet. They are 60cm to 85cm long and weigh about 14kg.

Habitat :
They live in the jungle of Australia. They are found in eucalyptus forest of the Eastern Australia.

Special Behaviors :
Koalas eat leaves. They like to climb trees. Some people call them koala babies. They live in groups. When they are infants, they are called a joey. They can immediately climb up to its mother’s pouch.

Dangers :
They are endangered because people are moving into their habitat, land developments and food degradation. We need to plant more trees. Don’t buy clothes made from koala fur. Koalas can live for ten years. We must save them now!

Fifty years ago, the population of koalas was 100,000. Now only 43,000 left. The population of koalas is decreasing.

In conclusion :
Koalas are very cute but people keep hunting them and destroying them. They are endangered. Save them now!

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