Jolis Man

I Am Grateful Poem

When I’m sick, my voice gets softer.
I can’t wait to play some soccer.
So I go to see my doctor.
He is indeed my protector.

Helping my doctor is a nurse.
She helps me carry a purse.
Inside the clinic we converse.
Makes me forget that my cough got worse.

My little puppy is my buddy.
He is naughty like a monkey.
He is fluffy and so cuddly.
Having him, I feel so lucky!

This little furball is so smart.
I miss him when we are apart.
Though he releases smelly farts.
I’ll always love him with my heart.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Ms Sarah’s comment :

Dear Jolis,
Wow! I’m very impressed. You have the potential to be a great poet! Super swell and hitarious!