Qiu Muhan

Riding a Bike

On Saturday, my mother and brothers went cycling with me.

When we got to the cycling lane, we started to ride. Mom walked behind. We had a good time at the beginning. We rode both uphill and downhill. The downhill speed was faster, but it was very tiring to go uphill. After two laps, something dangerous happened. My brother chased after me. I went around the sidewalk to avoid him and came down again. Now I was chasing him. Because I was riding too fast, he thought I was going brake, but my bike hit his and I fell to the ground.

At the hospital the doctor said that I had a broken leg and had to be in a cast. From then on, I didn’t like cycling.

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Ms Sarah’s comment :

Maggie, thanks for sharing! Now I understand how you got a broken leg! Accidents happen but don’t let that stop you from getting back on the bike again!