Lam Seon Zi

A Strange Habitat

Do you believe there is a strange alien in the space? Yes, a species of alien called “Quark” living in Mars.

Quark has two eyes, four hands and two mouths. One mouth is on the face and the other one is on the tummy. They live in a colourful and big castle in the northern part of Mars. There is a maze filled with tricks inside the castle.

Quark aliens must pass through the maze and the tricks to get water everyday. It’s a dangerous journey because the tricks will hurt the aliens seriously. Quark aliens can live without water for three days, so they can keep finding the way to get water for three days. At the end of the maze, there is a slide.

If you slide through it, you will arrive the southern part of the Mars which is called the Epicland.

It’s hard to find a good habitat, but the Earth is a safe habitat.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Ms Sarah’s comment :

What an interesting habitat for the “Quark”!