Tse Tsz Ching

My Wired Dream

Last night, I had an extremely weird dream. It was so scary that I was awakened by that dream in the middle of the night.

I was in a shopping mall alone. When I was walking in a clothes store, some wooden models were moving. Screaming sounds echoed around the mall because the models could eat humans alive. Everyone was afraid but they couldn’t escape as the exit doors were locked!

When I was escaping, there were two models chasing me! Luckily, a staff called Hailey protected me. She was so kind! She helped me escape from the mall. However, even when I was out, everything became
even more weird. The humans who had been bitten by the wooded modes turned into zombies quickly! I was too scared that I woke up and found myself back into the reality.

That’s my weird dream.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg