Lian Yu Chi

An Interesting Habitat

The tropical rainforest is a very interesting habitat. It is the home to many species of animals but it is facing many problems.

Tropical rainforests are usually found in hot and humid areas, like in parts of Asia. A rainforest is a place with lots of tall trees and heavy rain.

A rainforest has three layers, the sunny tree tops, the crowded canopy and the dark under-storey.

There are lots of animals that live in rainforests. Some are harmless like chimps, monkeys and birds. But some are very dangerous, like the Anaconda, a huge snake that can be found in lakes and rivers. The rainforests provide food and shelter for the animals.

There are many problems in the rainforests, like logging, agriculture, cattle ranching and infrastructure development. Despite all the rainforest problems, they are still a natural wonder of the world!

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Ms Sarah’s Comments :

Agree! We humans should help to protect the wonderful rainforests and all the endangered species that live in there.